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You know what?

1.Do you know the strange and in the world are well in Ramadi city
it is a
well water is still clean and if the green brick-specific, it sounds strange and three hours after the when water warm and still be becomes
ended. سراندیپ well on the mountains in the sagittal see it is a stone
and see it came to the injured and it is not know that it is. Some
people are saying that the Islamic view of Hazrat Adam sepulchure his
daughter. پوشنگ on mountain of two wells in one, in which the US has
come back to be the second infuriated hundreds of thousands of pigeons
in the pigeon-hole is made the flying, and then come in again and are
sitting in the rope that looked like the half goes to قنچی as it has
distributed in two parts. Isfahan mountain of the extremist well which
is not run out. Ishaq سمیجوری a child in the wells fell in the mother
of thought about very was crying and weeping.
To a person in jail
was brought to death in a bag and it was developed in wells were landing
and authoritative some hard tack so well at the end of this fact in the
silently stone but not any voice Sunni. It only replaced seven days
and seven night down under and he پھینکتا stone but it is not a voice
over stretched and was asked: In this period? It said only darkness.
a well in the water is the smokes it is catharsis and if it becomes
wells and water, they should be taken to change in the blood becomes
more if they take away blood stone.
In India a goal is a well water,
the two branches. And two different cells has been in and out of a hole
by hole yellow glue from the murderer and poisoned. Who is a hole and
the second from the blue gum. The limitless useful and rare.
the limits of Tibet is a well that اوازکو present in the year, but
Turkey will always watches and Indian. The Arabic and عجمی cannot see
rain years and if they have been deprived from hearing if it becomes
rain has stopped, he is listening.
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