Danbo Photos That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

Danbo Photos That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww
Life Must Be Lived As Play. Very realistic environment!

Lil Danbo Got Scared. I sincerely hope I can meet one in the street.

Me vs Danbo. There will be only 1 real man staying alive after this.

Mini Stultifies Danbo. In the end, lil’ Danbo apologized and removed the sticker. :)

Mythbusters. “You gotta make sure this will not fall into the river, alright?”

Oh, a Snail! “Look, what we have found outdoor today… A snail! The snail was sooooo slow… I would like to ride on it, but I was too shy. I hope we meet again one day, then maybe I have more courage :)”

Rainy Days. “Don’t get cold, use this.” 

Riding a Bike. The bicycle is a little too small for Danbo, but it seems that he likes it.

Something was Wrong. She looks sexy, by the way.

Sweet! It’s not me, I didn’t give it a bite!

The Hitchhiker. Mind to give me a free ride? Please? 

The Hope. There’s also hope in Danbo’s heart.

The Suspect. Guilty for being too cute!

Time to Sleep. After a long session of photography, it’s time to have a nice rest, thanks for everyone’s viewing!

Tooth Pick Warriors. Today we gonna decide who deserves the title of Toothpick Knight!

Wanna Mess with Us? We thought you learned the lesson from those piggies.

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