Interesting Aamphibious Cars

Here is the collection of interesting Aamphibious Cars this one-off project by UK-based SeaRoader is a fascinating amphibious experiment that features hydraulic raising wheels, a hydrofoil and power in the wet courtesy of twin propellers.
Amazing Aamphibious Cars
Despite its bulky proportions the Humdinga's 350bhp engine can propel it along waterways at an impressive 40mph and 100mph back on land.
Britain's Tim Dutton has been making kit cars for over 40 years, and fired his first salvo at amphibious cars an impressive 20 years ago.
Built from the ground up with the tourist market in sight, the Hydra-Terra makes the bold claim of being completely unsinkable.
Where most amphibious cars set out to combine boating and motoring abilities in one model.
Using the massive Dongfeng EQ2102 carrier as a donor vehicle, which in turn is based on the Nissan Condor lorry.
 the Aquada is impressively speedy on both land (100mph) and sea (30mph). It takes less than 10 seconds for the Aquada to transform from a car to a boat.
Powered by a mighty 444bhp LS2 powertrain borrowed from the Chevrolet Corvette
the Quadski when used by emergency services and aid workers, helping them get to otherwise inaccessible locations.
 First shown in 1991, its styling is surprisingly sleek and elegant.
After a jaunt through London's streets, companies like London Duck Tours drive straight into the Thames to continue the trip as a river cruise.
Based on a four-wheel drive Isuzu model, there is however nothing sporty about the Amphi-Pickup, which only manages 70mph on land and a meagre 7.5mph in the water.
Already popular in the Netherlands as a tourbus not limited to terra firma, the Amfibus was tested in Scotland last year with seating for 50 passengers and capable of 62mph on land and 9mph on water.
Literally translating to 'swimming car' this amphibious four-wheel drive Volkswagen, originally envisaged by Ferdinand Porsche.
Not all amphibian cars opt for slicing through the water. Like Rinspeed's Splash concept which 'flies' 23 inches above the water at speeds up to 50mph courtesy of a clever hydrofoil system.
 Baiyun decided to create a Jeep-based amphibious car that won't only climb mountains but could also cross rivers to 'fill the gap in the country's auto industry'.
The 1961 Amphicar sported a 41bhp Triumph Herald engine capable of a very modest 70mph on land and 7mph at sea.
 Measuring in at a mighty 42ft and pushing the scale to a gargantuan 14 tonnes all that dual-purpose splendour doesn't come cheap mind, with prices kicking off at £550,000.
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